Commercial Plumbing

Keeping your business well-maintained is essential to its success, including ensuring that your plumbing systems function properly. Sakowich Plumbing is a team of professionals providing comprehensive commercial plumbing services to meet your business’s needs.

Our services include drain cleaning and repair, fixing drain clogs, repairing faucet leaks, fixing toilet leaks, detecting leaks, fixing shower and tub leaks, and replacing and repairing piping and valves. Additionally, we offer backflow testing services to ensure your water supply is not contaminated.

Sakowich Plumbing has experience working with various commercial properties, such as medical buildings, warehouses, multi-family apartments, condominiums, schools, and churches. This means we can provide tailored solutions for your business based on its unique requirements.

By entrusting your commercial plumbing needs to Sakowich Plumbing, you can rest assured that your business is well-maintained and that any commercial plumbing issues will be resolved quickly and professionally. Our licensed experts have the knowledge and tools necessary to solve any plumbing issues plaguing your business.

Located in New Hyde Park in Nassau County, we serve all of Nassau, Long Island. Call us today to discuss your next plumbing project.